Book of doge MEMES

Book of doge MEMES

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Missed BOME? Missed DOGE? - Don't miss BOMEDOGE!

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Book of doge memes

The origin story

All Doge Memes in the ONE BOOK. The World’s Memeable Memecoin in existence! BOMEDOGE was born as a meme coin on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). BOMEDOGE is here to make doge memecoins great again. Fueled by pure doge memetic power!

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roadmap dog roadmap dog roadmap dog

Phase #1

With the launch of its website, BOMEDOGE will enter the world with a bark of excitement. Its documentation will spread far and wide, outlining its mission and purpose. A cunning strategist, BOMEDOGE will devise a marketing plan to conquer the social networks. Under the watchful eye of audits and SAFU checks, BOMEDOGE will enlist Tier-1 influencers and callers to spread the word of its arrival.

Phase #3

CMC and CG Fast listings will elevate BOMEDOGE to new heights, attracting attention from all corners. Super BOMEDOGE partnerships will strengthen its influence, while an airdrop will shower blessings upon its loyal followers. With 10k holders in its pack, Trust Wallet will open its doors to BOMEDOGE. Launch of staking, swapping, and DApps. Twitch and YouTube influencers will amplify its message, leading to coveted CEX listings.

Phase #2

Ad banners will adorn the digital landscape as BOMEDOGE's presence grows. PinkSale will become the stage for its presale, drawing in eager investors. The listing on Pancake Swap will mark a milestone, as DexScreener, Dexview, and Avedex trend in its wake. Riding the surge, BOMEDOGE will conquer BSC Crypto Bots, solidifying its dominance.

Phase #4

In the climax of its saga, BOMEDOGE will unleash a massive marketing blitz, captivating audiences worldwide. With whispers of more to come, BOMEDOGE will stand tall, a symbol of innovation and resilience in the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrency.




TAX: 4% buy / 4% sell



25% BURN / 40% presale
15% Liquidity Pancakeswap
10% CEX / 10% Ecosystem